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Our mission

A changing world requires business to reconsider
customer-company-community relationships.
We help:1. Build win-win-win's
> incentivise customer-shareholders; grow revenue
2. Change brand ownership
> pivot from boardroom to ecosystem; grow your share of voice & control spend
3. Go direct, drop the gatekeepers
> build direct customer-company-community relations; control strategic risk


We deliver win-win-win's
through strategy, project managementand technical delivery.
The one stop shop.Walking the talk.


Build inclusive growth with your stakeholders. Draft, test & implement new incentive models. Define your companies strategy for the next gen, decentralized web. Based on real benchmarks and results.

Project Management

Experienced project managers to get you from strategy to results. Help you manage the chaos and confusion of web3. Go from bullshit to business.

Technical delivery

The tools and skills to get it done. Know what to use and how to deliver. Going for max win-win-win outcomes for all stakeholders means diligent control of tech expenses.

Use Cases

There are over 300+ existing web3 case studies.
We documented them in our use cases library, so you don't need to.
Get inspired to deliver the best win-win-win projects.


Local supplier of DJ & Producer gear gives back to community.Impact
Community owned value + increased loyalty.


A digital twin of your property.
Own your home's history.
Unlocking new value for home owners, building censor resistant history.
Case: Homestory

Ecosystem Community

The Web3 Ecosystem Map. A monthly snapshot of logo's.Impact
Help to navigate and connect a growing ecosystem.
Case: Web3 Ecosystem Map

Who else is doing this?


A next gen loyalty program. From transactional to community based loyalty.Impact
NFT revenue loyalty members + brand awareness & loyalty

Dolce & Gabbana

Artist partnerships. Creating exclusive community and services. Lasting value.Impact
Second market insights, NFT revenue & brand loyalty


Build a community for co-creation and ownership (.Swoosh).Impact
NFT revenue + unlocking creativity of millions


What our customers say?

Leading Dutch retailer in the DJ equipment market.

"w3x helped us with our first steps into the world of web3 in a very professional, dedicated way. They understood our business first and came up with a clear and tangible approach to explore the opportunities that web3 might provide. Taking away the technical difficulties and helping us to communicate the benefits to our community. We learned a lot during this process and are grateful for the results of this Web3 project.โ€

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We are an international senior team. Combining decades of experiences with the passion and drive of a startup. We practice what we preach. Our agency is structured as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). A flat org, with efficient coรถrdination incentives. Directly linked to the value we bring to our customers' customers. All with real skin in the game. Optimized to create win-win-win's.Want to read how? Download our DAO whitepaper below.


We are open to:
- customer inquiries that are willing to create win-win-win's and go direct.
- new experienced team members that support the vision and values of our DAO.
Reach out and we get back to you within 24 hours.


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Samuel van Deth

- 20 yrs in business on the web
- 15 yrs with Fortune 500
- 3 yrs running a startup
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- Retail leader


- High growth


- High Tech


- Sales leader


- Data technology expert


- Ecommerce entrepeneur


- B2B marketeer


- Financial services


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